Technology comparison

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Technology comparison

Technological evolution of beauty care devices

Motor vibration skin care device → Sound wave vibration device

Evolution from simple mechanical vibration of rotational and solenoid to sound wave oscillators of natural sound sources

The basis of beauty is the health of the cells that make up our bodies.  Evosonic’s patented sound wave technology activates cells and nerves through sound pressure stimulation of a straight-forward vertical vibration, which effectively stimulates the human body and enlivenes it.

Sound wave vibration is excellent for relieving stress by stimulating the secretion of serotonin in the body and inducing brain alpha waves by feeling sound through the mind and brain with natural waves that can never be produced by surface-only motor mechanical devices.

Evosonic Sound wave vibration technology

-Independent patent application
-Variable frequency
-Vibration intensity control

Realization of anti-aging effect through low sound wave band that is safe for human body
Development of technology capable of focusing sound waves on specific areas (frequency band harmless to the human body)
Activates human body aging and degenerated cells and tissues through acoustic energy

Technological evolution of human stimulation methods

Characteristics of motor and solenoid vibrator

Most of the existing and multinational products are motor and solenoid vibration methods.

– Physical and electromagnetic vibration

– Launching and selling solenoid vibration-based cleansing and massage devices in L’Oreal and others

– Low performance compared to sound wave vibration method

→ Low effect of massage and cleansing due to high heat, limited frequency band, and inability to control vibration intensity

Characteristics of Sound Wave Vibration Devices

The most natural beauty and exercise equipment that uses sound waves present in nature.

– Equipment capable of adjusting frequency and intensity

– It is possible to adjust the frequency of vibration, which affects each human body part and skin layer

– Vertical vibration with straightness affects deep inside the body

– The safest beauty and rehabilitation device with acceleration control