What is sonic vibration

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Sound therapy

Sound has been used as a healing or soothing tool for thousands of years.

himallaya nolae geuleus(singing bowls)eun asia jeon-yeog-eseo sucheon nyeon dong-an gidowa myeongsang-e sayongdoeeo wass-eumyeo, hyeonjaeneun hyusiggwa bogjileul jeungjinsikineun de sayongdoego issseubnida.
Himalayan singing bowls have been used for thousands of years in prayer and meditation across Asia, and are now used to promote relaxation and well-being.

These sound therapies, which use voices or objects to stimulate healing, are one of the treatments that make up the field of vibration medicine.

According to the laws of physics, everything vibrates.

Whether we hear or not, everything has a vibration and a sound.

That sound we call resonance, and each part of our body has its own natural resonance. Vibration medicine is based on the idea that disease does not match natural resonance.

Olav Skille

For patients whose cause is unknown or difficult to relieve pain through physical stimulation, non-invasive pain relief therapy helps to balance not only physical ailments, but also emotional balance and calm anxiety. Most people feel calm and comfortable after treatment.

Also known as Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT), it has been used for pain relief for a long time, mainly using an audible band 40~120Hz. A type of sound therapy that transmits pure low-frequency sine wave vibrations to the body through a device with built-in speakers, developed in Norway by Olav Skille in 1982.

The therapeutic purpose of VAT is to restore the energy of cells damaged by various causes and to improve the user’s overall body function. The vibration of sound travels 5 times more efficiently through water than through air.Since the human body consists of more than 70% water, the structure of the human body itself becomes a medium for transmitting sound waves, and the cells themselves absorb and transmit sound wave vibrations. A lot of energy metabolism takes place throughout the process, which has proven to provide a deep and highly efficient way to stimulate the body.


This therapeutic stimulation can help the body relax and heal more efficiently. VAT was developed with the aim of infiltrating soft tissue without loss of energy. The generated wave passes through tissues such as skin, ligaments, muscles, and bones in the process of reaching the damaged area and repeats the process of refraction and reflection, causing acoustic resonance in the body.


In this process, blood circulation in the body is improved, and at the same time, it stimulates cells to produce growth factors and induces improvement in function.



History and modernity of sound therapy

· As a clinical case of applying music or acoustic vibration to the healing of diseases, treatment methods using music have a long history that goes up to the times of ancient Egypt. There is a record that the pain was relieved by applying vibration waves to the affected area by playing an aurus on the affected area of ​​sciatic nerve pain patients in the Renaissance era as a therapy using acoustic vibration.

· During World War II, many patients suffered from insomnia, depression, and schizophrenia due to abnormal experiences such as murder in the U.S. during the war, and music therapy was actively introduced as a remedy for them. In 1950, when the National Music Therapy Association was established and the qualification of certified music therapists was certified, there was an attempt to heal patients by music.

· In recent years, VAT, introduced by Norwegian therapist and inventor Olav Skille in the 1980s, has been first proven to provide positive healing for a wide range of physical and mental health problems. Using sound to create vibrations directly in the body has begun to be used as an effective way for patients who are energy-based, non-invasive and unable to relieve pain with drugs.

· Continuous clinical efficacy has been demonstrated since then. Patrick, who works as a recreational therapist, observed the pain relief effect by performing acoustic vibration treatment for patients with muscle pain for various medical reasons to relieve pain and symptoms. We concluded that the pain and symptoms were reduced by 53% by giving the patient sound vibration for 22 minutes. The researchers also confirmed that patients with arthritis have significant reduction in vibration and pain relief. In this study, vibration absorption materials were directly attached to the skin surrounding the knee joint and had a sound vibration time of 15 minutes, which resulted in 91% of patients improving knee pain.

· In addition, many clinical efficacy is revealed, which is used in patients who have difficulty managing pain due to drugs and general physical therapy.