Brand introduction

We will create the value of customer abundance and happiness.

Brand introduction


Sound wave technology is a healthcare system that is non-invasive and safe enough to be used by the elderly or patients who have lost energy, and revitalizes the body by activating cells and nerves.

The ultimate mission that Evosonic pursues is a happy and beautiful life that heals the body and mind as well as people, animals, and plants through sound and works with technology.



Good sounds go beyond race, language, and religion to convey emotion, heal the mind, and energize life to keep it healthy.

It has been revealed since ancient times that the energy given by sound has a good effect on both people, animals and plants, and it is also applied in modern industries.

From beauty, fitness, games, dishwashers, and plant cultivation, there are countless fields that can be done with sound and sound vibration.

With the world’s first sonic technology, Evosonic will work with various industries to move toward a higher value and a wider world and stand out as a global smart healthcare company with the world’s No.1 sound wave.

Core Value


Turn the impossible into reality and pioneer the future with passion and spirit.


Create the best value by constantly exploring new ways.


We work together based on trust and respect to achieve the best results.

브랜드 로고

Evosonic is a combination of evolution and Sonic.

It is designed intuitively by visualizing the waves of rhythmical sounds.

base technology

Acoustic Resonance