Acoustic sound wave

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Acoustic sound wave

Acoustic Sound waves are waves that air or characteristic materials are transmitted by receiving vibrations from pronunciations.

As you can easily understand if you have experience of vibrating in front of a large speaker, most people can hear the sound with their ears and feel the sound below 20 Hz with their whole body, and more than 20,000 Hz can be heard through the bones.

In sound waves, the frequency (hz) is the sound and the magnitude of the sound is called amplitude (decibel, volume).

Technical description

Evosonic’s Sound wave technology is the only Sound wave technology in the world that applies the same principles as the speaker’s Sound wave vibration but has been miniaturized.

By outputting sound waves in the 20 Hz to 20 KHz audiovisual frequency range in acoustic vibration, it enables more effective and safe stimulation and massage for the human body.

Sound is a form of energy that requires a medium to transmit through space or reach a point from the origin. Due to the energy transferred from one molecule to another, the molecules that are being smacked vibrate during sound transfer. Vibrating molecules make other molecules vibrate, and the molecules produce sounds as a result of vibrations. Humans can detect sounds through their ears and vibrations periodically through their skin.

Humans can only detect sounds in a constant frequency range (20–20000 Hz) that sounds audible. There are two types of sounds that cannot be detected by the human ear: frequencies falling below 20 Hz are classified as ultrasound, and frequencies above 20,000 Hz (Huoper, 2001). This kind of sound cannot be detected by the human sensory system, but it can affect the human body.

Sound waves, the reason for sound, can affect the human body by causing certain parts of the body to vibrate at the same frequency called resonance. Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) is a new treatment that uses acoustic vibrations from hearing as a physical agent to intervene in the human body in a non-invasive way.

Today, VAT is a type of music therapy used worldwide. VAT can be an excellent pain relief treatment because it does not use drugs to treat patients. VAT works purely physically and uses only sound source vibrations using the medium as the body.

Effects of Acoustic Sound waves

· Improving blood circulation
· Activate collagen
· Activating elastin
· Effect on skin texture improvement

Characteristics of Acoustic Sound wave technology
· Constant sound pressure generation
· Impact on wide and deep areas
· Penetration of subcutaneous fat layer
· Human sensory cell stimulation
· Activating the sense of physique
Demonstrate component transfer power

· Generating straight acoustic pressure
· Convection phenomenon occurred
· Nutritional vital care in the skin
· Efficient care through sound waves

If two sound waves with the same frequency in a given medium are combined together, it is not a moving sound wave, but a wave that appears to be in place and vibrating, which is called a standing wave.

These normal waves create the parts that do not vibrate and the parts that do not move without vibration are called nodes, and the parts that do not move the most vibrating are called the ships, and the joints and ships do not move spatially. These normal waves are deeply related to resonance phenomena, and one example is to properly adjust their length when making pipe organs so that constructive interference can occur and form normal waves.

Cladney figure: A phenomenon in which white sand gathers because there is no vibration in nodes generated by sound waves.

As the voice coil is energized, the evosonic product knocks on the pan spring as the voice coil moves from side to side, which converts the pressure of the sound wave into vibration, causing the probe to vibrate.

The vibrating probe comes in direct contact with the body and delivers acoustic vibrations to the medium. Vibration generated by the human body can cause resonance by using moisture inside the body as a major medium, which can cause efficient energy transfer without any sources of stimulation such as strong external cam movements.